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Wednesday night SaatchiNY presented NYC’s first-ever 7×7 event. For those of you who weren’t able to make it out, we’ve abridged some of the night’s best moments, byte by byte, tweet by tweet. Presenter photos taken by Patrick McMullan.


SaatchiNY CEO Mary Baglivo gives an introduction

  • Saatchi & Saatchi is an ideas company; 7×7 was created to present, to stimulate, to connect and even perform ideas.


The St. Joseph’s School band – post performance


  • When I went there (St. Joes) for the first time 18 years ago, there was a drug bust happening on the corner. The police precinct had moved out, there were burnt out buildings all over, crack was an epidemic at the time, and I thought – we’ve only got one way to go and that’s up.
  • The band is everything in this school. If you’re in the fifth grade through the eighth grade – you’re in the band.
  • We’ll start with a piece by Gustav Holst, one of the great British composers – who I doubt would ever think that one of his pieces would be played by a grammar school from the Bronx.


Chris Anderson talks TED

  • Why would a group of otherwise perfectly normal looking people who could be entertaining themselves with some sort of electronic gizmo or otherwise relaxing after a hard day’s work choose to listen to talks?
  • TED is a conference of a thousand people that happens once a year, and now it’s a conference with five hundred thousand people a day.
  • It’s like ten Yankees stadiums of people a day want to watch lectures on the Internet.
  • We’ve had talks in the European Parliament and in Nairobi and everywhere in between. No one’s making any money off it. There’s no religious or scientific organization driving it. It really seems to be going because people like to gather together and listen to talks.
  • Talking is an ancient communications technology, which pre-dates Twitter by about 2 million years. It’s a powerful technology, and it’s powerful because it is ancient.
  • This is how ideas develop in your mind and then sort of explode into collaborative action. This is who we are.
  • I think that all of us have an amazing opportunity in the next few years to reinvent the ancient art of the spoken word. If we do, we’ll be rediscovering fire.


Howard Chua-Eoan covers twitter’s impact on the news

  • I’m the News Director at Time, which means my job is to send people where they shouldn’t go, like Afghanistan or Times Square.
  • We’re in the middle of a technology and social media transformation of journalism.
  • The craft of storytelling is undergoing a revolution.
  • Twitter is fast becoming the nervous system of journalism.
  • It makes everyone out there a true consumer of information.
  • The future is light.
  • The iPad brings desire back to the magazine. It brings the magazine back into a form you can love and desire.


Jeff Reichert shared a clip from his film Gerrymandering

  • I’m going to try to Gerrymander this audience. Let’s say an incumbent’s challenger one year picks up 40% of the vote. As an incumbent, they have the ability to redraw the district lines. Which means, by the next election the line has moved and the challenger lives in a totally different district. They cut him out by a block.
  • We’re going to have it out in October and November, so hopefully when people go to the polls, they’ll be thinking about – “If I elect this candidate, are they going to think about redrawing the lines in favor of themselves and their own incumbency?
  • It effects everyone in this room. All of your districts are going to change come next year.


Marc Schiller on street art & The Wooster Collective

  • We want to change people’s perception of what should and shouldn’t be acceptable in the cities we live in.
  • Artists are putting their own artwork where ads are and where they used to be.
  • CutUp collective in London takes down ads, puts them into a computer, they have an algorithm that reshapes pieces of the ad into new pieces, and then they go put up their work where that original ad was.
  • It’s often to beautify ugly space.
  • Street art makes the city more enjoyable.
  • Creating a cozy to warm steel.
  • Discarded fur coats reworked into animals roaming the streets of Berlin.
  • I want the models to return to being human beings by taking away any affectation that they had about models.


Liz Arana cooks a mean Calamari


  • Buy fresh wild calamari from Montauk.
  • Cut Calamari into squares
  • Heat Spanish olive oil in pan
  • Add one by one
  • Oil will start to absorb
  • Add breadcrumbs and spread evenly
  • Add salt and white pepper
  • Add more oil
  • Add a dash of cayenne pepper
  • Add a dash of garlic
  • After 2-3 minutes the sides should be golden brown
  • Turn over
  • Give them a shake
  • Add a small pad of butter
  • Add fresh parsley
  • A squeeze of lemon juice
  • Serve and Eat
  • Delicious.


Maurice called a live chessmatch via sattelite

  • Picture this. You’re a teenager in the 1980’s from Brownsville Brooklyn . . . and you fall in love . . . with chess.
  • You meet the street hustlers, who try to take your money . . . well . . . do take your money.
  • Chess fans across the world worry that this means the end of their royal game, but the exact opposite happens. Instead, chess players are able to use computer software to practice, to train, and to learn even faster than before.
  • Online there’s an explosion of virtual chess clubs, where anyone, anywhere in the world can get a game – day or night.
  • Chris is sitting in Caves Branch lodge, in the jungle of Belize. Andrew is a student of mine here in New York City, and they’re going to treat us to a two minute blitz game.
  • They’ve played chess in outer space. Where do we go from here, Mars?  If they ever start playing chess on Mars, they better not come to Brooklyn.


  • Great talk by @tedchris: let’s appreciate tech but focus again on stories that make us truly human.
  • At the Saatchi 7×7 event in NYC listening to Chris Anderson from Ted talk about the value of the spoken word.
  • “Talking predates twitter by about 2MM years.”
  • “Twitter will lead to our survival.” Says self-proclaimed old media newshound!
  • “Twitter is like yeast. It can go badly but it can also create this wonderful thing.”
  • Very interesting appetizer-sized food for thought bites at 7x7nyc.
  • Twitter the nervous system of journalism so says Times news editor at Saatchi 7×7.
  • The iPad is going to save the magazine format per the News Director at Times Magazine.
  • Hearing about the interesting new festival film Gerrymandering at 7×7 event. Kudos for telling what is really going on in politics.
  • Shocking insight into gerrymandering @ 7×7.
  • CEO Marc Schiller discussing the meaning of street art with a great slideshow for Wooster collective
  • Interesting street artist doing an interactive project.
  • Urban artists see the city as site specific & challenge us to see the city differently.
  • Great 7 mins from Mark Schiller about opening your eyes to street art. Makes me feel a little homesick for the UK!
  • Chef liz arana making calamari from the stage.
  • Believe it or not, there is an actual calamari cooking demo at the 7×7 event. Kudos to Saatchi & Saatchi on that one!
  • I feel like I’m on the food network!
  • And now we have live cooking from chef/Owner of Alexandra. Could be longer than 7 mins though. Now I’m really hungry.
  • Live chess match online between Belize kid v nyc kid mc’d by chessmaster Maurice Ashley at 7×7 nyc Cool!
  • Who knew chess could be so thrilling! Adrenalin rush!
  • Have you ever heard a chess commentator? More energy than boxing!!!!After party is the after party. MGD flowing, up in this.
  • Most proven line of the night: “Saatchi & Saatchi is an ideas company”.
  • Amazing show at 7x7nyc. Also learned: gerrymandering affects you & me and chess commentary is no joke. Phew all in 1 night!

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