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June 8, 2010 |

Devin & Glenn – watch more funny videos

New from Saatchi & Saatchi New York, a pro-bono campaign by copywriter/creative director Chris Beresford-Hill and CCO Gerry Graf, along with senior producer John Doris and Furlined directors Speck/Gordon and Executive Producer Diane McArter. They have created the short film “Devin & Glenn” in efforts to help overturn California’s anti-gay marriage proposition, Prop 8, aka the California Marriage Protection Act. The film’s proposition: To the 44% of Californians who think homosexuals should not be allowed to marry. Why would you support prop8 and spare them from a long, unforgiving, lifetime of wedded torment?

Huffington Post: Meet Devin & Glenn–two gents who met, fell in love, got married, and then had to deal with the consequences of that decision. From obnoxious in-laws (Tom Arnold and Nora Dunn) to passive aggressive fights over dinner, Devin & Glenn have the same problems that most married couples deal with–and that’s the point. The folks behind this video wanted to show that marriage is marriage regardless of the sexuality of its inhabitants. Their campaign, “Make Homosexuals Marry,” was created to “keep the ‘No on 8’ debate active in hopes that, through humor, a dialogue continues,” said writers/directors Will Speck and Josh Gordon. The small group behind this video worked entirely for free–everyone from actors to craft service donated their efforts.

Devin and Glenn are played by Mike White (actor Zombieland, writer School of Rock, director Year of the Dog) and Justin Long (Dodgeball, Live Free or Die Hard, Mac in Get a Mac).

See the “Devin & Glenn” Facebook page and the Creativity interview with Chris Beresford-Hill and Speck/Gordon.


CAUSE Opposition to Prop 8

AGENCY Saatchi & Saatchi New York

Chief Creative Officer Gerry Graf

Creative Director Chris Beresford-Hill

Copy Writers Chris Beresford-Hill, Gerry Graf

Agency Producer John Doris

Digital Strategist Craig Poplar


Directors Speck / Gordon

Writers Speck / Gordon

President/ Executive Producer Diane McArter

Vice President/ Executive Producer Eriks Krumins

Executive Producer David Thorne


Justin Long

Mike White

Tom Arnold

Nora Dunn


Director of Photography Tami Reiker

Production Designer Bella Serrell

Editor Haines Hall

Editorial Producer Shada Shariatzader

Online VFX The Mill LA

Telecine Company 3

Colorist Sean Coleman


Beacon Street

Lady Gaga

Kathy Griffin


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