Cheering Works

July 2, 2010 |

New York’s Neal Foard is Saatchi & Saatchi’s Worldwide Director of Creative Learning, which means he needs to be one heck of an interesting guy. He’s a former lumberman, has the move-shift action of a forklift driver, and is a self-proclaimed lover of tree houses. He’s an award-winning creative director who’s worked with advertising agencies across North America and Asia. You can find him directing creative for our Toyota Dealers’ Association client, and working on the Passionate Logic™ project.

Neal recently gave a TED Talk to TEDxDU at the University of Denver.  His subject was simple: Cheering works. The only problem is: we’re culturally inclined to cheer the WRONG people. There’s actually nothing terribly wrong with cheering basketball players and movie stars – but it does make great sense to spend more time cheering the people who make a material difference in the world. Right?

It’s scientists and inventors that Neal wants us to cheer; the fixit people, the ones who do math, the men and women who we’ll quickly turn to when an asteroid heads for earth. In his <14 min TEDx talk, Neal highlights some people working on really cool projects that deserve applause (and cheerleaders too). Watch; learn; then go cheer a scientist.

To dive deeper into Neal, be sure to check ideas on Twitter Page and the Passionate Logic Blog. Priceless value.

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