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February 24, 2011 |

A scene from last year's Academy Awards

It’s that magical time of year again – Oscar Season. After two whirlwind months of heavy dramas (we’re looking at you, Winters Bone and Blue Valentine), tour-de-force performances (yes, Colin Firth was that good) and a plethora of controversial lead-up awards, the night of glitz & glamor is this Sunday. 41.3 million people watched last year’s awards – which means it’s nearly as big a night for TVC’s as the Super Bowl.

We’re excited about a lot of stuff for Sunday night. The intrigue of the big category toss-ups – The Kings Speech vs. The Social Network (Best Picture); Natalie Portman vs. Annette Benning (Best Actress); David Fincher vs. Darren Aronofsky (Best Director). The hosting scorecard – can Hollywood A-Listers Anne Hathaway & James Franco be entertaining for the entire 4 hour broadcast? The fashion!

But what’s really interesting for us about the Oscars, is what an important day it’s become for the ad industry. It’s the Super Bowl for the entertainment industry, and that means big new adverts airing in a tightrope situation . . . which always makes for great TV. We’ve even got some new work airing, with the roll-out of JC Penney’s spring line campaign (we’ll have more on that next week). The H/H team would love for you to keep track of your favorite (and least favorite) spots of the night. Next week we’ll try to put together a best-of list to share with the world.

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