Savage Beauty

May 23, 2011 |

The beautiful work of Alexander McQueen

Last week, INKLAB took ourselves for an outing in the rain to see “Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty” at the met for a deeply inspirational journey through the exhibition. Beholding his mastery of balance, scale and proportion in the smorgasbord of materials he worked with will leave you in awe.


More work from the McQueen Exhibit

The two decade retrospective is broken into 5 areas and although it times you feel like cattle heading to slaughter it does make the experience all the more memorable. One room is covered in tarnished antique mirrors, another arranged like a “cabinet of curiosities” to showcase his accessories. As you wind your way through his body of work you are constantly being reminded that this is not fashion—it is the sublime.

The pieces i admired the most are the ones closest to nature: a coral head dress, a carved wooden bust, a top fashioned from mussel shells, a dress of pheasant feathers, a heel made from horn, a skirt constructed of nacreous shells.


Headdresses and shoes

So much beauty, and had he not passed few of us would have had the fortune of seeing any of it. A gorgeous catalogue of the pieces photographed by Sølve Sundsbø is available in the gift shop. On the cover is a lenticular lens that shows McQueen and a metallic skull—just the kind of haunting beauty that captured the spirit of his visions.


A top fashioned entirely from mussel shells

For those of you interested in some background information, be sure to read Judith Thurman’s article for The New Yorker.

Fair warning though . . . it’s easy to see why this exhibit is so hugely popular. The crowds were immense, so we highly recommend you see it for yourselves…first thing in the morning…on a weekday.

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