What’s Really In Your Bag?: Thea Hughes

March 5, 2012 |

Almost nothing says more about a New Yorker than what they carry in their bag. Books, music, makeup, blackberries and everything in between – there’s a lot to be found from taking a look inside a purse or satchel. That being said, welcome to “What’s in Your Bag?,” a pictorial feature taking a look at the stuff SaatchiNYer’s lug around the city with them all day. Today, Assistant Account Exec Thea Hughes.

Some hip subway reading ... and is that a tiny screwdriver?

A glance into the inner-workings of my life. Or rather – the things that make the day miserable without.

A bag within the bag is always a nice touch

Relying on my feet now instead of my dearly missed Saab 900 drop top, my purse must now contain a portable life. We’ll all admit that life in advertising can be a war zone as well. .. especially with “surprise” teleconference meetings. I love those. On a side note (and no, I am not a paid to endorser). Yu-Be cream from Japan is the best and you MUST get some. Visit Sephora.com

Double-down on the Aple products. (and it IS a tiny screwdriver!)

Double down on the apple products and a CDG wallet that holds all. Its contents… about $5.37 a Cali dirvers license and the rest is exclusive.

Love the jewel case

Who doesn’t need a diamond “Advil” container. Yes, I realize the sparkling gem is closed. You will have to trust me on this one.

Let's hope the cap stays on the lipstick while on public transit

I’ve tried all the brands ($$$-$) and Mac’s “Hue” always comes out on top for blank-canvas-perfect lips. And yes – that is a minuscule screwdriver. You never know when you need to fix something, very small.

Reading Dazed & Confused means Thea's cooler than we are.

Dazed & Confused is my new favorite read. I love Lifestyle/Music/Fashion magazines that don’t talk the same talk. This… I endorse.

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