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25 Statues at LIA

Monday, November 16th, 2015

Last week Saatchi & Saatchi agencies won 8 Gold Statues, 4 Silver and 13 Bronze statues at the 30th Annual London International Awards in Las Vegas with victories coming from Budapest, Germamy, Geneva, London, Madrid, New York, São Paulo, Shanghai and Sydney. With winning work from so many different areas of the world, it has been proven that creativity can be found in the most unique places. With the right people, a great idea, and great brand partners, Saatchi is looking to build on this year’s success.

Pablo loved it: “The outstanding performance by the network at London International Awards for a wide range of clients including; Changyou, Leica Gallery, P&G, Toyota and Vorwerk, shows the versatility and transatlantic creativity of our network stretching from London to New York and Shanghai.

Here in New York we garnered some metal for Luvs, Pampers, and GLADD:

Luvs “1st kid/2nd kid”: 

Pampers “#BetterForBaby”:

GLAAD ” Celibacy Challenge”:

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Big Data – Clean

Wednesday, November 4th, 2015

We have moved into our brand new 17th floor and love it! You can check out a few photos of the new space here if you haven’t seen it already.

A big part of the renovation process was to tear down the existing layout in order to install all our shiny new stuff. The question was however: Why waste a perfectly good demolition party without having a little fun and creating a story through all the destruction? Mark Schöller and Chris Moreira came up with the idea to make a music video and ran with it.

The result was an awesome new music video by Big Data to document the transition, and we couldn’t be happier with how it turned out! You can see the full article by Fast Company’s Jeff Beer here.


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Portrait of the Artist: Paola Studios

Friday, October 16th, 2015


Some of you may have been walking by the 17th floor and peeking in to see what the new space will look like (spoiler alert: it is awesome). Others may have been lucky enough to notice Paola, from her self-named shop named Paola Studios putting together three separate murals for our new space. First off, thank you Paola! They are looking amazing!

However, for those of you who did not have the opportunity to meet this budding West Coast artists, now is you chance.

About Paola:

Paola was recently featured on Tube Magazine which has already done a great interview with her if you are interested. She is a pharmaceutical chemist by trade, and a kick ass acrylic, epoxy, canvas magic maker as a passion. Paola tried to incorporate both worlds and has said that she adopts and incorporates the science aspects of her day job to represent how chemistry and technique can come together in such a unique fashion.

She does murals, smaller pieces, and much larger installations, all of which are crafting in her “laboratory.” She branches out with dripping, pouring, dipping, and other techniques which help Paola manipulate the canvas in a way that turns each work of art into its own experiment. During the creative process she takes time to record the variables that were manipulated in route to the finished product. She uses these details to replicate the physical and chemical conditions that are necessary to accomplish her artistic goals. This is where the symbiosis of her two passions climax. Paola truly believes that good science is an art form just as much as good art demands sound scientific principles. Through her art Paola aims to stimulate the eyes and imagination while developing and appreciation for the science behind it.



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Welcome Home

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

Recently Fast Company’s Jeff Beer covered the new heartwarming spot for Cheerios and describes it as a “twist that aims right at the cryballs of parents and grandparents everywhere”

You hit the nail on the head there Jeff, this one gets you right in the feels.

Stay tuned for updates on the spot as well as awesome Cheerios news on the General Mills blog.

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Ideas Bigger Than Ads: Industry Intensive

Monday, July 13th, 2015

IMG_0716 (1)

Recently we had the privilege of hosting MECA, the Manhattan Early College School for Advertising, at the Saatchi New York offices for their Industry Intensive session with 9 students. As a part of our partnership with the 4 A’s, we are always excited to welcome students and people of learning into 375 Hudson to see the people and process that goes behind our work.

The purpose of the Industry Intensive is to give students a first hand experience to learn about the process, procedures and specific department functions needed to develop advertising campaigns. This experience is also meant to expose students to industry nuances like company culture and how that varies from agency to agency.

Executive Chairman Kevin Roberts was also around and talked to the students to give them his always lively words of wisdom. We gave them a tour, hosted a delicious lunch, showed some work, and really enjoyed our time with this group of passionate young adults.

Thank you to all the volunteers that made this day possible! More than the experience, it is all about education people about passion, and the power of an idea. Thank you so much to the MECA team for the kinds words (thank you notes below), we are looking forward to the next visit!





Countdown to Cannes

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015

Highlights from last year’s “Feel The Reel” New Director’s Showcase

The 25th legendary Saatchi & Saatchi New Director’s Showcase is rapidly approaching its annual debut at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, and we can’t wait to share what is in store for this year’s event!

Leading up to the NDS on June 25th, we are releasing 25 films from previous winners to honor the 25th anniversary of the event. Stay tuned to our global site and our worldwide twitter account for the a new video each day.

If you want to see more, just head over to the New Director’s Showcase YouTube Channel and you can go as far back as 2003 to see all the winners from past years (still working on digitizing the others).


Since its inception it has forged a reputation for kick-starting the careers of some of the leading directors working in the film industry today. High profile personalities selected in the past include: Michel Gondry, David La Chappelle, Jason Reitman, Mark Romanek, Tarsem, Spike Jonze and Chris Cunningham. It is about celebrating creativity and identifying the next generation of directors who are set to shape our digital and cinematic worlds.

Look – Make – Share

Monday, March 30th, 2015
Please join us for a special reception on Tomorrow at 5PM on the 16th floor to celebrate the Children’s Museum of the Arts (CMA)’s newest installation in our front lobby, “Look, Make, Share.”
This exhibition will feature entirely new, collaborative work created by children at CMA and highlights three artistic studios: WEE Arts, Fine Arts, and Media Lab.
Please RSVP to with your name & number of guests (children welcome)!
We ask that you please contribute any/all arts and crafts items to the donation box placed at the Atrium in order to enhance the artistic experience for the children who attend CMA classes.
Thank you!
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“For The Fun”

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

Check out Saatchi NY’s latest work for Chase which launched last night during The Bachelor.  It’s build on our strategy that Chase “Freedom” is for the essentials, the cash back is for the fun things in life.

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